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Information provided by ACARA

  • School Name
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Postcode
  • School Sector
  • School Type
  • Campus Type
  • Rolled Reporting Description
  • School URL
  • Governing Body
  • Governing Body URL
  • Year Range
  • Geolocation
  • Bottom SEA Quarter %
  • Lower Middle SEA Quarter %
  • Upper Middle SEA Quarter %
  • Top SEA Quarter %
  • Teaching Staff
  • Full Time Equivalent Teach Staff
  • Non-Teaching Staff
  • Full Time Equivalent Non-Teaching Staff
  • Total Enrolments
  • Girls Enrolments
  • Boys Enrolments
  • Full Time Equivalent Enrolments
  • Indigenous Enrolments %
  • Language Background Other Than English %