How are schools enforcing social distancing measures? While so much is uncertain about the Covid-19 pandemic, one certainty is that school life will not be able to return to what it was before the closure of schools in Australia. Most schools have reopened, but many are still struggling to figure out how to enforce social distancing measures with minimal disruptions to students.…
29 Jun, 2020
A teacher’s insight into COVID-19, online learning & students returning to school. A different kind of celebrity has emerged throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Modern education the pathway to incarceration, ‘In My Blood It Runs’ discussed. The story, which follows a young Aboriginal boy of the Arrernte people, is a complex, collaborative piece between a levy of Australian indie film heavyweights and First Nations creators, creatives and Elders, across Alice Springs and the Northern Territory.
18 May, 2020