Our 5 favourite cool school initiatives

Our 5 favourite cool school initiatives

At SeeThrough, we’re firm believers in calling out great ideas, projects and resourcefulness when we see them.

Here are some of our favourite initiatives from schools around Australia:

  • Hivve Sustainable Schools have created a completely off-grid classroom for Bracken Ridge State High School in Queensland. It saves $3,000 in costs and 7.4 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. They achieve this self-sufficiency with a combination of solar and a Tesla Powerwall battery and have enjoyed continued operation since June 2018, including lighting, technology and air conditioning.
Via Hivve Sustainable Schools
  • The School Toilet Project, headed by Dannielle Miller, has worked to transform school toilets from unsanitary eye-sores into places of sanctuary, inspiration, hope and hygiene. Recognising that toilets are often the place that students gravitate to when they are feeling at their lowest, the project aims to assist students in self-soothing and to elevate their sense of self.
Sydney’s Leonay Primary Via ABC News
  • The Maitland Lutheran school in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula used a cute human-like robot named Pink to help students learn the Aboriginal language of the local Narungga people. When they found Pink couldn’t correctly pronounce some of the words, students trialled programming the phonetic spelling of words until she got it right.

Deep learning occurred in terms of cultural awareness and language acquisition. Most of the students knew very little, if any, Narungga words. (Some did not even know the word Narungga!) In terms of information technologies, the students have truly grown from not understanding that Pink was programmable, to programming her to do a variety of things.”

Via The Conversation
  • As part of their commitment to supporting high needs education, Butler College in Perth has incorporated many features into their building’s design that support the needs of their students.  These include audio systems that link into hearing impaired student’s hearing aids, and a sensory room for students with ASD.  The room includes relaxing lights and sound that help them de-escalate, but also to feel good about themselves.
Via Teacher Magazine
  • Gone are the days of schools simply offering netball, football, rugby and cricket. A whole new range of more unusual sports are being offered to students these days. Paddle Australia has recently joined the Sporting Schools Program, and has introduced Paddle Ball, a modified version of Canoe Polo. This water-based activity is targeted at high school students around the nation, and can be delivered in a school’s local waterway or pool. The basic skills of paddling are taught and then adapted for this team sport, which provides a unique and fun way to get kids moving.
Via Sporting Schools

Do you know of something great happening in an Australian school right now? Let us know in the comments below, or leave a review about it on the school’s page!

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