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How are schools enforcing social distancing measures?

While so much is uncertain about the Covid-19 pandemic, one certainty is that school life will not be able to return to what it was before the closure of schools in Australia. Most schools have reopened, but many are still struggling to figure out how to enforce social distancing measures with minimal disruptions to students.…

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A teacher’s insight into COVID-19, online learning & students returning to school.

A different kind of celebrity has emerged throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Modern education the pathway to incarceration, ‘In My Blood It Runs’ discussed.

The story, which follows a young Aboriginal boy of the Arrernte people, is a complex, collaborative piece between a levy of Australian indie film heavyweights and First Nations creators, creatives and Elders, across Alice Springs and the Northern Territory.

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How school assessment should be altered amidst COVID-19.

If you read our last blog on what different states are changing about Year 12 to combat the virus then this will be a follow up to that. However, in the age of COVID-19, situations and responses are changing so rapidly the government measures that I detailed in that initial piece may be out of…

Education in COVID-19.

Whilst our nation’s leaders are for the most part on the same page in its collective response to COVID-19, Monday’s (27th of April) Q and A panel identified just how divided our education policy makers really are in. How can minimise the impact on this year’s education whilst protecting our teachers?

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Here’s my experience as a Year 11 learning from home.

When rumours regarding the introduction of online schooling/remote learning first circulated, I felt pessimistic and rather intrigued as to how easy the transition would really be. Would it function effectively? Would I be productive? Time would tell.

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So what happens with our Year 12 students?

More than 180,000 students are currently in year 12. All states are scrambling to make sure they can still construct a year 12 for the thousands of pupils in their state so these young people can move on with their lives in 2021 whether that be onto University, a trade or whatever they want to pursue.

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Guilty by association.

Living amidst a small town where neighbours were likely relatives and word of mouth spread quicker than the current COVID-19 pandemic, having a singular high school meant that teachers had likely taught parents and elder siblings too. Far too often, this family affiliation automatically set a standard of expectation for how a student was to behave, perform and achieve (or in this case, underperform and underachieve).

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Why we chose to home school our children.

We were nervous but excited and ready to take him out of school. We told his teacher and it was very moving and comforting when she said, ‘Well done’ and ‘What a wonderful decision you have made’.

Why an all-girls education should be more accessible.

If the benefits of all-girl schooling are so plentiful, should the education system not seek to make this stream more accessible? This is not to say that empowerment and a rounded education cannot be found at a co-educational school, merely that the choice for an all-girl schooling should ideally be more readily available and not necessarily reliant on financial privilege.

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