Why share a review?

We want you, and your opinions, to be heard.

We provide a forum for you to share your real, honest experiences, and instead of schools and other learning institutions controlling the conversation, we have a “family-first” ethos. We aim to provide as much independently sourced information, from a wide pool of resources as possible, and your reviews are an invaluable part of this process, and play a key role in determining the ratings each school receives.

9 out of 10 people read online reviews before making an important purchasing decision, and choosing a school is one of the most impactful choices parents can make.

Families have several reasons for accessing our community and reading your review. They could be considering moving into an area with a government school that they have heard has a good reputation, or they could be tossing up between two in their catchment area. They could be searching for a non-government school that suits their child’s additional learning needs, and your review could really make a difference.

Why do I need an account?

By signing up for an account we can notify when your review is published, or contact you if there are any problems with it. It also allows you to quickly and easily access the reviews you have made, and we can notify you of new features in our community as we roll them out.

Why is my review anonymous?

While you will be able to see the reviews you have written through your profile, to everyone else you will appear as the role chosen at the time of the review.

One of the identified problems with the current school system is that parents fear retribution against their children if they speak up about problems. Others have reported to us that when they do speak out, their suggestions are ignored, and they feel like they are being “managed”, instead of heard.

Our aim is to meaningfully change this process and by allowing all members of our community to speak open and honestly about their experiences, we hope to alter this dynamic and encourage positive outcomes for all in involved. Your anonymity is an essential part of this.

Do you monitor reviews?

We have real-life people reading our reviews to make sure they meet our guidelines. Sometimes, however, something might slip through the system – and if you think this is the case, we encourage you to report the post via the report abuse button.

Sharing Guidelines

We want your review to be as helpful as it can be, and we know you do too. Our aim is to improve the quality of schools with this information, and while we value free speech, we also value everyone one of our community members right, to feel safe and respected.

Please read, and follow these guidelines when sharing a review:

  • Share experiences you and your family have gone through, rather than reporting rumours or incidents that happen to others.
  • Try to make your review time-relevant.
  • Be fair and balanced. If you can, call out both good and bad aspects to give a rich, detailed picture of the learning environment and culture.
  • Be respectful. Please don’t personally attack, abuse or insult others.
  • Give as much detail as possible. Detailed reviews will be the most beneficial to the community as they will give a clear picture on how the school dealt with situations, especially if they are particularly relevant to others.
  • Don’t exaggerate. Your post will be most powerful and effective if you stick within the confines of the truth.
  • DON’T WRITE IN ALL CAPS. Caps are internet-speak for I’M ANGRY AND I’M YELLING. If applicable, use caps for emphasis, rather than writing your whole post in them.
  • Don’t include personal details like your name, address or any contact details. This is for your own benefit to maintain your privacy, which we take very seriously.
  • Likewise, don’t publish anyone else’s personal details. For the same reasons as above.
  • Do not use someone else’s intellectual property, including – but not limited to – text and imagery.
  • If you need to use a URL to support your review, they must be relevant, or they will be removed. This is not the forum to sell your wares.
  • Don’t swear. Pretty common-sense – but this is family-friendly community, and we want to keep the language used in keeping with this. People should be able to access our community from anywhere – including the workplace.
  • Don’t spam, troll or phish.
  • We don’t tolerate abuse, racism, bigotry, terrorism, hate speech, sexually explicit content, violence or anything that could potentially harm minors in any way.
  • Threats and intimidation are unacceptable, especially against students, staff or schools. If you witness any of this behaviour on our forum, please use the report abuse button, and we will investigate.

Anyone found to be violating these terms is subject to immediate expulsion from the community at the discretion of the moderators.

From time to time, we may change these Sharing Guidelines without notice, and at our own discretion. Please read them carefully, as we reserve the right to remove reviews or other content, and deactivate member accounts.

Can I edit my review or change my rating?

From the time of publishing you have 30 minutes to edit your review and rating.

Why has my review been removed?

We will remove your post if it violates our Terms of Use or breaches our Sharing Guidelines.

How do I report a review?

If you believe a review violates our Sharing Guidelines. or Terms of Use, please use the Report Abuse flag located in the top right-hand corner of the review

Each reported review is carefully evaluated by our moderators within 1-3 days. Reporting a review does not always result in its removal.

What can I do about a suspicious review or post?

If you come across a review that you think is fake or dubious, we encourage you to report it to us via the report abuse button.

We will then review the information you provide us and contact you with the resolution.

Just remember, though, that just because you and your family had one experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this was the case for all students. It’s important that we hear different voices and be respectful of these.

What do I do if I can’t find my school?

If you can’t find your school from the drop-down menu, we encourage you to Nominate your School using the following form.

We will then review the information provided, and contact you with the resolution.

How do I Deactivate my SeeThrough account?

If you would like to deactivate your account at any time, simply go to your profile and click the Deactivate button.

Your reviews (which are anonymous) will remain unless you delete them.

If, at any time, you would like to reactivate your account, you can do so by simply signing back in at any time, and you will be able to access any of your previous reviews, and other communications.

How do I claim my school?

When you’re on your school page, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Claim School in the footer, just fill out the simple form, and we will contact you through your official school email from there.